Little Cherry Disease

AGNEMA is participating in the Washington State University Little Cherry Proficiency testing program. In order to help the industry manage the spread of Little Cherry Disease, Washington State University provides us with the updated protocols, positive controls, training and proficiency testing.

For more info please visit WSU Tree Fruit - Labs testing for Little Cherry Virus and X-disease Phytoplasma.

Little cherry disease (LCD) is caused by one or more of three pathogens: Little cherry virus 1 (LChV-1), Little cherry virus 2 (LChV-2), or X-disease phytoplasma (Western X). We can test all pathogens in one single sample.

AGNEMA provides you with the leading edge qPCR TaqMan Assays for detection of Little Cherry Disease. These customized laboratory tests have been designed to assist the industry in managing the Little Cherry Disease throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Tips on Packaging, Handling and Shipping samples

Sample should be placed in a new Ziploc bag and kept in a cooler or refrigerator.

Label the bags as appropriate and complete the LCD Sample Submission Form with the test required, sample ID, contacts information, etc. and send the Form along with the samples.

Do not put paper towel, labels or Testing Submission Form inside the sample bag.

Drop the samples off at the lab promptly or mail them overnight in a Styrofoam shipping container with an ice-pack.

Lab Address: 1320 E Spokane St, Suite A, Pasco, WA 99301

Email the Sample Submission Form and tracking number (if shipping) to sample , and preferably dispatch or deliver samples early in the week.

Feel free to reach out by calling / texting: 509-255-3744

sending email to: